Conference Support

Let us be part of your conference team

There are many little details to consider when planning a conference. VMS will support you with pre-conference administration as well as being an on-site support throughout your conference.  Let us professionally source, co-ordinate and deliver the things you don’t have time for:

Connected administration

VMS provides the administrative support and resources for your conference by:

  • Providing a single point of contact for delegates, presenters, exhibitors, sponsors and stakeholders.
  • Developing critical timelines and run sheets.
  • Co-ordinating the administrative duties; contracts, registrations, travel, accommodation, budget and program implementation.
  • Liaising with sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Sourcing conference material and print.
  • Assisting with the post conference review.

On-site services

VMS provides complete on-site event management including the “on the ground” resources and systems for:

  • Conference help & registration desks.
  • Venue co-ordination; AV, catering, dinners, entertainment, people movement, special activities or requirements to ensure flawless event delivery.


You can now promote your conference through our automated e-marketing platform. A number of clients, including the ASIC Annual Forum and Breast Cancer Institute have leverage this system for their conference communications.

You can create your emails from a large library of templates or design your own. You can also identify unique opens and links that have been clicked with the ability to create a call list. Ask us about this service for your next conference.

Event technology and production

We introduce technology and innovation to your conference:

  • Conference Apps and Video Production
  • Video Conferencing and Streaming Media Services
  • Cutting edge event production options
  • Online Exhibitor Gallery
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