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Why the venue matters

The most critical element of any conference or event is to ensure you select the right venue. Even if you (or other people) have used or attended a venue for another purpose, it doesn’t mean it will meet the needs of your next event. It is important that you have a venue that meets your brief. The wrong venue can impact your event and mean it may not meet your desired outcomes.

Choosing the right venue

Do you need multiple break out rooms? Or a space for a post-conference cocktail party? Are your delegates travelling from interstate and need accommodation? With a thorough knowledge of key venues in Australia and New Zealand’s major cities, VMS will ensure that the right venue is secured for your event. We will also work with you and the venue to ensure that your venue choice is within your budget.

With all our expert knowledge and experience, the VMS team will:

  • Negotiate the best deal for you with the venue, leveraging our relationships with over 100 venues
  • Ensure the contracts align with your specific requirements, with all key dates and provisions clearly identified
  • Manage those key dates and provisions
  • Check all venue/provider billing against the contract to ensure it meets your approval
  • Minimise risk and maintain budget integrity

Personalised quote, personalised service

At VMS, we know that no two conferences are the same. If you don’t know where to start, need further resources or advice, we would love for you to get in touch with us with your brief and we can put together a personalised quote for you. Complete our quote form with as much detail as possible and we will come back to you with options within 1 business day.

Once we’ve found the right venue for your conference, it’s time to start organising and registering your delegates. Find out more.

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VIP Familiarisation

Let VMS provide you (at NO COST) a personalised inspection of the venue of your choice. This includes airfares, transfers and accommodation. We believe that you need to experience the venue you are considering in the context of the conference experience, prior to committing to a venue contract. We’ve found that if you are responsible for the conference, rely on your own experience of a venue and not just recommendations from others.

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