Register Your Delegates

Registration of your delegates is a key undertaking for any conference and the VMS online registration platform enables the conference organiser to have the necessary information 24/7 to better control and deliver the desired outcomes. In keeping with the importance of this task VMS provides an affordable and easy to use system:

      • Conference website
      • Registration system
      • 24/7 reporting
      • Personalised support or helpline

Conference Website

A simple templated system with its own cms which allows:

      • Build and manage the site yourself or let us do it for you
      • Provides a unique event url with a direct link from parent sites
      • Establishes a unique conference look and feel
      • Can be duplicated for multiple events at the click of a button
      • Mobile enabled website eliminates the need for expensive apps
      • Includes an Exhibitor Gallery
      • A password protected page “Drop Box” is provided for Presentations to be viewed or downloaded only by registered delegates
      • Abstract registration

Registration System

The registration page may be “turned” on or off at any-time enabling the conference website to be used for information and linked to for promotional purposes. Once turned on the page provides for:

      • An instruction box to guide registrants.
      • The collection of personal & organisational details including mandatory and turn on/off fields.
      • An additional 55 fields with multiple criteria (drop downs, radio button, numeric, total, text etc.) may be prescribed under four distinct (variable) headings.
      • Calculations on any designated field to enable a total cost to be established.
      • Payment by Cheque, EFT and Credit Card through secure payment gateways
      • Automated Confirmation/Tax Invoice, Rejection or Wait List emails.

24/7 Reporting

The system is password protected enabling multiple users to access and use the information collected in realtime:

      • Full set up, editing, reporting & email (reminder, payment reminder) through password protected and segmented access 24/7.
      • Reports downloadable in csv format in Excel.
      • A Confirmation/Invoice emails to go to delegate and may also be sent to an additional person (administrator, payment officer etc.)
      • Provides barcoded name badges enabling automated attendee registration

Personalised Support

VMS provides a contact point for delegates enabling them to be assisted by experienced personnel when registering for a conference. The support team also are able to process various payment formats or aggregated invoicing to make it as convenient as possible to meet the needs of our client.

Whether as a client you require assistance for establishing or altering a conference website or access to the system or simply running reports VMS provides this personalised support.

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